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4 Hour Slea Head Private Tour

Our Minibus Tour

A classic tour of the Slea Head and Dingle Peninsula would include Dunbeg fort, The Famine Cottage, a visit to the Early Christian Beehive Huts, The Blasket Island interpretive Centre and the incredible Gallarus Oratory. There are many more sightseeing opportunities and we can stop along the way for photos and film.

  • Dingle Town and Harbour

    Starting from Dingle, you will see great view across the bay over to the Eask Tower - a historic tower located on the eastern edge of Dingle Peninsula.

  • View of Skellig Michael

    Our Slea head drive minibus tour will give stunning views of the Islands offshore including the world famous UNESCO site of Skellig Michael and Little Skellig


    The Famine Cottage was built in the early 19th century of mudstone. It tells the story of life in Ireland around the time of the famine. They also give working Sheepdog demonstrations by arrangement

    Beehive huts, these date mostly from the early Christian era. There are many of these dotted around Fahan. Which was once named the city of Fahan. The Beehive huts were used for workers on the land and pilgrims to and from Mount Brandon they were used for resting and waiting for good sea weather to go to Skellig Michael

    The Blasket Island Interpretive Centre is well worth a visit where you can find lots of information relating to the Blasket Islands and life on the Blasket Islands. There is also information about the Gaelic language and authors who lived there until the evacuation in 1953

    The Gallarus Oratory is an excellent example of dry stone corbelling dated around the 9th century. It's name suggest a house for foreigners ie pilgrims. As the walls Rise each level closes in a little until they meet at the top and are capped off with a large stone. It's so well built it still dry after all these years.


  • Depart from Dingle Town
  • Eask Tower
  • Ogham Stones
  • Colaiste Ide
  • View of Skellig Michael
  • Ventry Village and Ventry Beach
  • Paudie O'Shea's Pub
  • Manning's Fort and Animal Farm
  • Famine Cottage
  • Beehive Huts
  • Coumeenole Beach
  • Blasket Island Centre
  • View of the Sleeping Giant
  • Famous Movie Locations
  • Ballyferriter
  • Reask Monastic Site
  • Gallarus Oratory
  • Killmacedar Church and Cemetery
  • St. Brendan's Church
  • Brandon Creek
  • Return to Dingle Town

Detailed Itinerary

  1. Depart from Dingle Town

    • Start your tour from Dingle Town, a charming coastal town with colourful buildings and lively atmosphere.
  2. Eask Tower

    • Visit Eask Tower, a historic tower located on the eastern edge of Dingle Peninsula.
    • Enjoy panoramic views of Dingle Bay and the surrounding countryside.
  3. Ogham Stones

    • Explore the Ogham Stones, ancient standing stones inscribed with early Irish script.
    • Learn about their historical significance and cultural importance.
  4. Colaiste Ide

    • Pass by Colaiste Ide, a renowned Irish language college known for its stunning location and educational programs.
  5. View of Skellig Michael

    • Stop at a scenic viewpoint to admire the majestic Skellig Michael, an uninhabited island known for its ancient monastic settlement and appearance in Star Wars movies.
  6. Ventry Village and Ventry Beach

    • Visit Ventry Village, a picturesque coastal village with traditional Irish charm.
    • Take a stroll along Ventry Beach, a beautiful sandy beach with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.
  7. Paudie O'Sé Pub

    • Quick photo stop of the pub and statue of this legendary Gaelic Footballer
  8. Manning's Fort and Animal Farm

    • Explore Manning's Fort, an ancient earthen fort with historical significance.
    • Visit the adjacent animal farm, where you can interact with various farm animals.
  9. Famine Cottage

    • Stop at a Famine Cottage, a restored traditional cottage that provides insight into the hardships faced during the Irish famine.
    • Learn about the history and impact of the famine on the local community.
  10. Beehive Huts

    • Discover the Beehive Huts, also known as Clochán na Carraige, ancient stone huts that were once used as dwellings by early Christian monks.
    • Marvel at their unique construction and hear stories about the monks who lived there.
  11. Slea Head Stop

    • Enjoy spectacular views of the Blasket Island and photo opportunity.
  12. Coumeenole Beach

    • Visit Coumeenole Beach, a picturesque sandy beach surrounded by rugged cliffs.
    • Take in the breathtaking coastal scenery and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
  13. Blasket Island Interpretive Centre

    • Explore the Blasket Island Centre, a museum that showcases the unique culture and history of the Blasket Islands.
    • Learn about the island's literary heritage and the daily lives of its former inhabitants.
  14. View of the Sleeping Giant

    • Stop at a viewpoint that offers a stunning view of the Sleeping Giant, a mountain formation resembling a giant lying down.
  15. Famous Movie Locations

    • Pass by various famous movie locations throughout the Dingle Peninsula, including Ryan's Daughter, Far and Away and Starwars.
    • Learn about the films and TV shows that have been filmed in this scenic area.
  16. Ballyferriter

    • Drive through the charming village of Ballyferriter, known for its traditional Irish culture and friendly locals.
  17. Reask Monastic Site

    • Visit the Reask Monastic Site, an ancient monastic settlement dating back to the 6th century.
    • Explore the ruins of the monastery and discover its historical significance.
  18. Gallarus Oratory

    • Stop at the Gallarus Oratory, a well-preserved stone church believed to have been built in the 9th century.
    • Admire the impressive construction and learn about its architectural features.
  19. Killmacedar Church and Cemetery

    • Visit Killmacedar Church and Cemetery, an atmospheric site with a medieval church ruin and a historic graveyard.
    • Take a moment to explore the peaceful surroundings and soak in the history.
  20. St. Brendan's Church

    • Admire its architectural beauty and historical significance.
  21. Brandon Creek

    • Visit Brandon Creek, a picturesque harbor and a legendary starting point of Saint Brendan's journey to America and recreated by Tim Severin.
    • Enjoy the coastal views and learn about the ancient folklore associated with the area.
  22. Ballynavenooragh Stone Ring Fort

    • Built in the 8th century, excavated in the late 1990's
  23. Connor Pass view (time permitting)

    • View of the Maharees and the Northern side of the Dingle Peninsula
  24. Return to Dingle Town

    • Return to Dingle Town, concluding your 4-hour minibus tour of the Dingle Peninsula.

Please note that the order and duration of the stops may vary based on factors such as traffic, weather conditions, and the specific requirements of your tour group. 

A Memorable Journey with Atlantic Road Tours Dingle

Review by Charles Perry

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

I recently had the pleasure of embarking on a remarkable journey with Atlantic Road Tours Dingle, and I must say it was an experience that exceeded all expectations. From start to finish, Billy our guide, and breathtaking sights made this tour an absolute delight.

First and foremost, the level of professionalism and attention to detail displayed by Atlantic Road Tours Dingle was truly commendable. The tour was well-organized, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our group. 

Billy is a highly knowledgeable guide. His expertise and passion for the Dingle Peninsula shone through and he shared captivating stories, historical insights, and local folklore throughout the tour. Billy has a friendly demeanor and willingness to answer questions made the experience all the more engaging and enriching.

Speaking of the sights, the Dingle Peninsula is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking destinations, and Atlantic Road Tours Dingle showcased its beauty to perfection. From the dramatic coastal cliffs to the picturesque beaches, every stop along the way revealed a new layer of natural splendor. The well-planned itinerary allowed ample time to savor each location, capturing stunning photographs and immersing oneself in the awe-inspiring surroundings.

Additionally, the tour provided a fantastic balance of popular attractions and hidden gems. From iconic landmarks like Eask Tower and Gallarus Oratory to lesser-known treasures like Reask Monastic Site and Famine Cottage, Atlantic Road Tours Dingle ensured a comprehensive exploration of the region's rich history and cultural heritage.

Throughout the journey, the comfort and safety of the participants were given utmost priority. The minibus provided was clean, comfortable, and well-maintained, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable ride. Billy's expertise and cautious approach on the scenic coastal roads instilled a sense of security and allowed everyone to fully immerse themselves in the experience without any worries.

Atlantic Road Tours Dingle deserves my highest praise for delivering an outstanding tour experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Atlantic Road Tours Dingle. They will undoubtedly leave you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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